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How Many Calories to Lose Weight

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014

How Many Calories to Lose Weight

Weight loss is a tough task for many as it takes lots of efforts at personal level which differs from person to person. If people keep one thing in mind that it is directly related to kind of foods that are consumed, then it is not at all difficult to have correct management of weight. For example, on a common scale, loss of approximately 3,500 calories helps to shed around one pound weight. However, it is equally important to lose weight in a slow and steady manner otherwise, it is likely to result into rebound weight gain.

kellosA fast paced work-life and consistently changing lifestyle forces people to give a serious consideration towards management of weight related issues. Skinny people don’t have much problems as compared to people who suffer from the problem of excess body weight. Gaining weight is easier than losing weight, isn’t it? Many of us hardly have any problem with gaining weight, but there are severe problems about weight loss. Weight management related issues are really difficult to deal with wherein most of the obese people need to struggle really hard to get into shape. This is mainly because the basic question is how many calories to lose weight? So, if you are having problem related to weight loss, there is no need to worry, because this site will provide you many awesome tips for weight loss.

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Important Tip: “Calories Burned Must Be More than Calories Intake per Day”

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Now, To follow this rule one must first know the amount of calories consume per day. Calories consume per day is not same for all. It depends on various factors like what kind of work you do, what is your lifestyle, etc. For example, person who is doing more physical hard work will require more calories than person who is doing less physical hard work. Thus, we can conclude that calories consume per day is directly proportional to energy output from body.

Calorie Count and Weight Loss


In order to lose weight, total amount of calories that need to be burnt should always be more than the total amount that gets absorbed by an individual. For this, a person can make changes in his/her diet or can increase the physical activities. Moreover, a wise combination of both proves helpful to shed the excess weight. On common scale, to lose one pound, around 3,500 calories need to be burnt. By losing 500 calories on daily basis, a person can shed almost 3,500 calories in a week. On the other hand, a person whose calorie deficit is around 900 calories can lose 1 pound in just 4 days.

How many calories should I take to lose weight?

As we said before, the answer is relative. As a general rule, if you take 1,500 calories a day and you are of regular body size, then you should lose weight. Most people do.

BMR, Calories and Weight Loss

BMR (basal metabolic rate) is the minimum amount of calorie intake which your body requires for its basic needs and functions. BMR for different people are different. It is based on height, weight and sex of the

A simple formula to calculate BMR is following:

BMR for Women:
(4.3 x weight(lb)) + (4.7 x height(in)) – (4.7 x age(yrs)) + 655

BMR for Men:
(6.3 x weight(lb)) + (12.9 x height(in)) – (6.8 x age(yrs)) + 66

Beneficial Tips to have Required intake of Calories

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Reduce the total intake of Calories as per one’s bodily requirement – Correct calorie consumption plays a very important role in the desired kind of weight management. It is good for every individual to know about his/her overall calorie consumption as this plays a very important role in deciding the physical fitness of that individual and active work life.

Avoid crash diets and look towards moderation – Many people prefer to opt for crash diets whenever they assume that they gained an excess amount of weight while some people indulge into excessive workouts. Extremes in both these aspects is not at all good. However, by maintaining balance in between a proper diet and an adequate workout regime, it is possible to maintain the required number of calories in the human body.

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Pay attention to muscle strengthening and excess calorie burning – By performing exercises that helps to build up the body muscles, an individual can easily accelerate the process of excess calorie burning. To assist this activity, you can increase your overall protein intake wherein you can include egg white, fish and various types of low calorie dairy products in your daily diet.

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Dental Treatment Fit for the Queen

Posted by on Apr 23, 2013

Dental Treatment Fit for the Queen

Kate Middleton, future queen of England, is known for her classic beauty and picture perfect smile. Since the royal wedding she’s been constantly in the public eye, flashing her pearly whites and smiling warmly at anything and everything she looks at. However, her smile may not be all natural with leading dental experts commenting on how to get a smile like Kate Middleton.

According to industry insiders, the Duchess of Cambridge has such a wonderful smile due to its imperfections. Tweaking the teeth with ‘micro-rotations’ breaks up straight lines to create something more natural and appealing. It’s common for celebrities to boast their dazzling American smile, which shows acres of arctic white teeth in regimented, impossibly straight lines. This artifical look is so widespread that a refreshing lack of conformity really stands out and can give a person that extra sparkle.

kate middletonHow can we achieve this for ourselves?
As mentioned earlier, micro-rotation reshapes teeth by changing the tooth enamel. Grinding and polishing it so the tooth is shaped differently creates a subtle change, as does adding cosmetic dentistry veneers. The idea is to create a natural look, or at least a glamorous and ‘perfect’ version of natural. Teeth whiteners are also used to create that fantastic white gleam, and braces on the backs of teeth can also aid in switching the shape. Depending on your treatment choices it’ll take between six months and two years to get everything finished up.

Our advertisers offers free consultations on a wide arrange of treatments, including Invisalign, implant dentistry and veneers. If you’re interested just visit their website and fill in the form.

However keep in mind to stay aware if you’re going abroad.

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What are the Risks of Overseas Dental Treatments

Posted by on Mar 24, 2012

What are the Risks of Overseas Dental Treatments

This post will be covering the risks of going overseas for your dental treatments.

With long waiting lists and alarming fees for some advanced dentistry procedures, it’s easy to understand why some people opt for cheaper overseas dental treatment. With locations in Eastern Europe offering low price packages with hotel and treatment often at a fraction of the cost, it can appear to offer value for money.

However, what some people forget to consider is the difference in standards, aftercare and best practice between the Eastern European countries and the UK – like for the Queen. Dental tourists are also going abroad for cosmetic dentistry treaments. Is it worth ignoring the potential risks to get a possible whiter and brighter smile?

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If considering a foreign dental service, it’s essential to consider how being alone in a strange country without friends or family around you will affect you. Convalescence, especially for the larger and more expensive jobs, can take anywhere from a week to a month before patients are ready to fly back home. This will have an effect on your living expenses during your stay and can drive up your final dental costs.

Aftercare and check-ups will also need to be considered; with 1 in 20 tooth implants getting rejected. Is it worth the cost of flying back to Europe and arranging accommodation and not to mention rearranging your own time?

Yes, the prices in the US might be considered higher than other countries, but excellent service, convenience, trust, quality and relationship building with your dentist is the end result. If you were to go to another country for your dental treatments, you should also consider the fact that you will have no way of meeting your consultant before arriving and that there could be a language barrier.

Dentists in USA go through rigorous training, the same level you expect when visiting a practice in the US, isn’t guaranteed in other countries. USA dentists are regulated by law and this standard is enforced across the board. It’s best to know you’re happy with your dentist and to develop that level of trust, which is easier done with your local dentist.

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